Sport: Angry Lewandowski Blast Bayern Munich After 3 – 1 Loss Against Liverpool



The reigning Bundesliga champions also struggled to score at Anfield in the first leg.

“Of course, we knew it would be a tough game.

“But in both games I think we played too defensive. We didn’t try to push forward to create situations – in the first game and today.

“We didn’t risk much, we were playing at home it was our game but that’s why I think Liverpool beat us. We were playing too deep, we didn’t take risks, I don’t know why.

“We tried to push Liverpool but offensively sometimes it was two against four players and that’s why we didn’t do much.

“I have a lot of duels today, it was very difficult because I was alone.

“If you are alone against two or three good players it’s very difficult to play,” Lewandowski told Viasport.


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